IWCGPS Chaos: Ostgaard to Coanda, Huis and Carroll MIA and Jensen Leaves Apex

The merry go round of simracing in the last week has taken a thoroughly dramatic turn as late moves before the start of the 2018 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series ravage the headlines.

VRS Coanda Simsport have picked up Tommy Ostgaard from Positive Simracing while Apex Racing UK’s Marcus Jensen has signed with an undisclosed team for 2018. This also falls in line with Team Redline’s decision not to field Bono Huis and Graham Carroll.

Never in the history of simracing have I ever seen so many names move from place to place in one winter. Whether it may be FA Racing G2, JIM, CoRe, Coanda, Apex or any other team, this winter has been all about change for a lot of drivers. Continue reading “IWCGPS Chaos: Ostgaard to Coanda, Huis and Carroll MIA and Jensen Leaves Apex”

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iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing

Welcome to Thursday everyone. Hope everyone has enjoyed the new content as much as I have. The new dirt tracks are interesting, cushion update a little controversial, the LMP1s are awesome, and the Sonoma GRC track greatly surprised me.

We have been talking about a lot of controversial subjects this week. Some have rustled some feathers, others not so much, but that is just fine as it is still an important discussion to have.

Today is going to be the marketing mega article. We have brushed on some things in some of the past articles, and done a slight overview, but today we are gonna dive in head first.

So the way I see marketing working within the realm of sim racing at the moment it can sort of be divided into 3 parties. iRacing, the teams, and the drivers.

Lets start with the obvious one: Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing”

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Profile: Why Joshua Rogers is Australia’s Next Star

One of the most enthralling, likable and watchable drivers in simracing today, it would shock you to think that Joshua Rogers is just eighteen years of age. His burst onto the international stage in mid 2017 only served to prove how strong of a driver Rogers was and will be, made all the more important by his latest success with TTL Esports in the VRS GT iRacing World Championship. (Formerly the Blancpain GT Series) Continue reading “Profile: Why Joshua Rogers is Australia’s Next Star”

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FA Racing G2 Unveil All Star Team In Barcelona

Fernando Alonso’s simracing team FA Racing G2 announced the signings of five new talents to the newly formed team at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today in a move that has changed the landscape of simracing at the highest level. This has included the signing of the iRacing Blancpain GT Series Champions of Isaac Price and Frederik Rasmussen along with Sebastian Job away from CoRe SimRacing. The other two signings are Joni Tormala away from IneX Racing and Nestor Garcia Jr who recently left Iberica Racing Team.¬†They will be joined by¬†Fernando Perpinan, who won the FA Racing G2 Logitech G Challenge today.

FA Racing G2 formed in late 2017 signing up Cem Bolukbasi from CoRe SimRacing and Danny Engels as a team manager before two time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso was signed as the Team Principal. The goal of FA Racing G2 will be to race high up within championships on F1 2017/18, iRacing and Gran Turismo and to qualify for major series that may pop up such as World’s Fastest Gamer.

FA Racing G2 have been considered to be the catalyst for the corporate shift in simracing with teams such as KIYF, Campos Racing, McLaren and Renault all angling moves into the simracing market.

Continue reading “FA Racing G2 Unveil All Star Team In Barcelona”

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How iRacing’s new NASCAR qualifying Could Spell Disaster For IWCGPS

iRacing have always been looking at ways to improve their biggest series and some of the big issues have always surrounded qualifying. Major debate on how many people should get in, what parameters should surround it and in-championship squabbles have always been a thing, however iRacing is not one to give favouritism over one series or another. So when the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series document dropped this week, I took some time to decipher it and found a lot of trouble for the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series moving forward.

To save you readers a lot of time, I am going to briefly summarise the NPAS document in full:

Continue reading “How iRacing’s new NASCAR qualifying Could Spell Disaster For IWCGPS”

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Sim Racing Rankings: Top 50 Teams of 2017

Sim Racing Rankings: Top 50 Teams of 2017

2017 has been in some respects, the year of team racing. Blancpain has attracted more attention, everyone is looking to grab more important drivers and the era now of being in a team is more important than ever. No longer can you legitimately challenge with just your own intellect as you need someone else to accompany for. And with all the team events such as the World Tours, NEO, SCO and so many others, the time is now to get your team on the map. Below are the fifty teams that have impressed me on iRacing this year and hopefully to come in 2017. Continue reading “Sim Racing Rankings: Top 50 Teams of 2017”

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