iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing

Welcome to Thursday everyone. Hope everyone has enjoyed the new content as much as I have. The new dirt tracks are interesting, cushion update a little controversial, the LMP1s are awesome, and the Sonoma GRC track greatly surprised me.

We have been talking about a lot of controversial subjects this week. Some have rustled some feathers, others not so much, but that is just fine as it is still an important discussion to have.

Today is going to be the marketing mega article. We have brushed on some things in some of the past articles, and done a slight overview, but today we are gonna dive in head first.

So the way I see marketing working within the realm of sim racing at the moment it can sort of be divided into 3 parties. iRacing, the teams, and the drivers.

Lets start with the obvious one: Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing”

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