iRacing Week 13 Write up Part 1: The Money Issue

Happy Monday, and welcome to part one of my Week 13 Write up!

To start out I thought it would likely be fitting to tackle the most complex, and surely highly contested, point of them all, the money issue.

We all know it. We somewhat shrug it off, say it is a good investment as a hobby, that it’s cheaper compared to a real race car, but there’s no getting around it: iRacing is expensive and it is not getting any cheaper. Even as I write this we are a few days away from a brand new build that is going to move the cost up another $60 to own everything (before potential discounts, which admittedly there are many). Considering that is 2 LMP1 cars, 2 dirt ovals, and the 2018 spec Indy car a lot of people will struggle calling that value for money.

Picture of the audi and porche lmp1 cars
The LMP1 Audi R18 and Porsche 919H will be released in the upcoming build, sold seperately

How expensive is it? When you add up all the content that needs to be bought, before you get into membership costs, the total investment is $1494 dollars, and after this new build we will be propelled over the $1500 mark. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Write up Part 1: The Money Issue”

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