NASCAR Teams Toss Their Hat Into the Esports Ring

As we come off one of the most successful weekends for Esports and competitive gaming, with the E-League Boston CSGO Major drawing in an audience of 1.3 Million concurrent viewers and a huge upset of Cloud 9 beating out Faze to become the first North American team to win a Major, the Americans have decided that they aren’t done yet, and as such the Oval Racing sim racing community is in a buzz.

Image – Intel Free Press

In an article released today on Adam Stern (Which can be read here) we get the first announcement of a new iRacing series that is being pushed by the Race Team Alliance. Continue reading “NASCAR Teams Toss Their Hat Into the Esports Ring”

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How iRacing’s new NASCAR qualifying Could Spell Disaster For IWCGPS

iRacing have always been looking at ways to improve their biggest series and some of the big issues have always surrounded qualifying. Major debate on how many people should get in, what parameters should surround it and in-championship squabbles have always been a thing, however iRacing is not one to give favouritism over one series or another. So when the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series document dropped this week, I took some time to decipher it and found a lot of trouble for the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series moving forward.

To save you readers a lot of time, I am going to briefly summarise the NPAS document in full:

Continue reading “How iRacing’s new NASCAR qualifying Could Spell Disaster For IWCGPS”

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