iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 3: The Traditional Mistakes

Hello everyone and happy hump day! By now just about everyone should have gotten a chance to drive the new content and I hope you guys are enjoying the build.

In the last couple articles we have talked heavily about accessibility and marketability. We are going to take a slight step back from that and look at a slightly more nuanced issue, but one that is very much a problem given the power of word of mouth, which we will talk about directly in the Thursday article. Quite simply, the topic is the traditional mistakes iRacing makes.

Picture of the pure racing team GTE car winning

I have been on the sim since April of 2012. Anyone who has been on the sim, and taken it particularly serious, knows that iRacing makes a lot of mistakes in regards to their service. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 3: The Traditional Mistakes”

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