Why is There Such a Push to Try and Claim Simracing as an Esport?

There is no doubting that esports are big business. The money at the top has been huge, the sponsors and lifestyle has been eye opening and for the next generation, here you have the biggest sporting stars who are cruelly under-reported. However the question posed as the title came from a well respected person of the simracing community in the form of Empty Box. His tweet got me thinking, and in response, I will answer.

Picture of the final of the 2017 league of legends final in china
The 2017 League of Legends World Championship final garnered a huge crowd in Bejing’s Bird’s Nest stadium.

In terms of commercial output and numbers of players, Empty Box is absolutely correct. I do not see a substantial way that anybody can dispute that in the next five years due to the massive console war of Xbox versus Playstation and the need for each platform to have a racing icon to back money behind. Gran Turismo is probably the reason why Japan’s simracing scene struggles to venture into the niche simulators like rFactor and iRacing due to just how important the game is over there.

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