iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona: A Melting Pot of Game Changers

The iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona had to step up after the calamities of 2017 where the race was deemed impossible to broadcast and as such had to fall into the murky abyss, never to be discussed until the iRacing hate train hurtles into the station once again. This race would prove whether there would be a year of rebuilding, a year of regret and the tipping scale of whether iRacing would be able to manage a move onto the mainstream stage. Never had I seen more hype for a race than this one and for the outcomes, nobody quite knows how to view everything moving forward.

Teams gridding up behind the safety car for the start
Teams grid up behind the safety car for the start

The ingredients were all there as successful teams both from past and present lined up to make the challenge and with three challenges on the line Continue reading “iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona: A Melting Pot of Game Changers”

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iRacing VLN Round 9 2017: Ranked Races

VLN has been wacky all year. You talk about Pure and MSP hitting sixes and sevens out of each other, Wallmeier crashing with two laps to go and dragging a wounded vehicle home, you talk about Aldo Massa with fifteen minutes left throwing the Porsche category and the birth of #VendavalMoment when Robin Esterson disconnected with just four corners to go. VLN has consistently pushed the boundaries of what makes a sim racing event unmissable and it is very safe to say, that another barnstormer was created. Continue reading “iRacing VLN Round 9 2017: Ranked Races”

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