iRacing Week 13 Write Up Part 2: The Not so Fork in the Road

Hello and happy Tuesday! Or with this being part two should it be Twosday? In all honesty it likely does not matter because all most people are thinking about is the slew of new content that has been released on iRacing this morning. And to be honest, same fam.

In part 1 we explored iRacing pricing model and the difficulties it faces from an economics perspective, and its unique position between traditional racing and that new fangled esports all the kids are watching these days, and the disconnect between those 2 entities.

Here in part 2 I want to analyze that position a little more.

The left lane: Real Racing

Picture of F1 reserve driver lando norris
Mclaren F1 reserve driver Lando Norris has been known to race on the iRacing service

Its no secret that from the start iRacing was intended for two primary markets: as a training tool for real drivers and for the hardcore sim racer. And over the course of the past 10 or so years iRacing has done a good job in that position with those markets. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Write Up Part 2: The Not so Fork in the Road”

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FA Racing G2 Unveil All Star Team In Barcelona

Fernando Alonso’s simracing team FA Racing G2 announced the signings of five new talents to the newly formed team at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today in a move that has changed the landscape of simracing at the highest level. This has included the signing of the iRacing Blancpain GT Series Champions of Isaac Price and Frederik Rasmussen along with Sebastian Job away from CoRe SimRacing. The other two signings are Joni Tormala away from IneX Racing and Nestor Garcia Jr who recently left Iberica Racing Team.¬†They will be joined by¬†Fernando Perpinan, who won the FA Racing G2 Logitech G Challenge today.

FA Racing G2 formed in late 2017 signing up Cem Bolukbasi from CoRe SimRacing and Danny Engels as a team manager before two time Formula One world champion Fernando Alonso was signed as the Team Principal. The goal of FA Racing G2 will be to race high up within championships on F1 2017/18, iRacing and Gran Turismo and to qualify for major series that may pop up such as World’s Fastest Gamer.

FA Racing G2 have been considered to be the catalyst for the corporate shift in simracing with teams such as KIYF, Campos Racing, McLaren and Renault all angling moves into the simracing market.

Continue reading “FA Racing G2 Unveil All Star Team In Barcelona”

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Alonso Signs Onto G2: Good For All Parties

Fernando Alonso is not the first real world racing driver to enter the ethereal realm of Sim Racing, and Fernando Alonso won’t be the last racing driver to get into Sim Racing either but in terms of celebrity status, Fernando Alonso has officially moved the Sim Racing needle in terms of relevancy in the world of Sim Racing.

While a lot of people will be expecting me to go on a two thousand word tirade on why I think Alonso would kill off Esports and would be detriment to everyone. I think this is a positive step in the right direction and one which will help everyone to get better in the long term. Continue reading “Alonso Signs Onto G2: Good For All Parties”

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