Iberica Racing Team Lose 10 Men

Arguably one of, if not the biggest sim racing team in Spain today has just seen ten of its members walk away this morning. The news broke on twitter as star after star announced their leave including the likes of Nestor Garcia Jr., Aday Coba, Pablo “Go Pro” Lopez and many others. I have seen a lot go on in my time of Sim Racing and not much has gone on to top this announcement.

Picture of an Iberica racing car
Twitter – @IbericaRacing

Iberica for the longest time have been a cornerstone of sim racing. Their most famous period came in an era before mine during the early to mid 2010’s and saw a lot of drivers rise to a high level of stardom. Slowly though over the last two years, their influence had been on the decline as they moved away from the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series into what had been at the time an up and down struggle to remain inside of the Blancpain Endurance Championship. Continue reading “Iberica Racing Team Lose 10 Men”

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