iRacing AI: Why I’m Slightly Sad

It was announced a couple of days ago in a post on the iRacing forums that iRacing were in the middle of developing a brand new AI system, the first time iRacing have been looking into that market. For the longest time, iRacing went without a built in AI system and I always thought that was one of the charms when it came to iRacing. I feel now though that the charm has been lost, and I am slightly sad at the announcement.

Don’t get me wrong, I think adding AI is a good move and a must make move for iRacing in order to grab in the traffic of those who don’t want to put up iRating and Safety Rating but cannot find a suitable league to make anything happen. It makes sure that those who can’t make races due to a time zone difficulty more likely to find reason to play and it also gets a lot of casual players familiar with the general mechanics without having the pitfall of driving around in rookie, which is lethal at the best of times.

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