Sparey Predicts: Andrew Kinsella Will Win The iRacing Indy 500

The form book is constantly known at Indianapolis to be thrown out of the nearest available window on the corner of 16th street and Gerogetown. But answer me this, if the form book is to be thrown out of the window, why is a form book always made? There always will be a winner, but I am more than willing to put my money where my mouth is when it comes to my picks. I feel quietly confident, and i’ve gotten a few things right before, but this is why I believe Canada’s Andrew Kinsella is going to win the 9th annual iRacing Indianapolis 500.

I like the stats, there is a reason outside of Sparey Points (TM) that I collect all the race results, and that is to see who is hot and who is not. I believe Andrew Kinsella is on white hot form and just looking at some of his results this year, it is easy to see why.

Indy Elite Series
R2 at New Hampshire: 1st
R3 at Milwaukee: 4th
R4 at Phoenix: 2nd
Indy 500: 5th (Lead with 1 to go)

Absolute Beginners Indycar
R3 at Homestead: 1st

Lionheart Indycar
R1 at Homestead: 1st
R3 at Kentucky: 1st
R5 at Pocono: 1st

Racespot Primetime
R1 at New Hampshire: 4th
R3 at Pocono: 2nd

Ten top five finishes so far this year from approximately seventeen starts goes without saying that in top class fields, Kinsella goes out of his way to score big. Of those ten top five finishes, half of them are victories and nobody right now has more consistency than Kinsella. While last year’s Indy 500 ended in retirement, it is clear from the whole team that the likes of Kinsella, Espitee and Watkins could all have a great package to attack the most hotly anticipated Indy 500 in history.

But its not the results that catch my eye but the driving style as well. The strategic battling has been superb from Kinsella, highlighted at Kentucky where on fresh tyres, he scythed through the field at Kentucky making positions late inside the final few laps. Not only that, but with a position thirteen start as things stand in qualifying, I think with a little bit of luck, the strategy is going to be completely on point.

Yes, I think that the Indy 500 is the toughest race to win and I also think that positions will be hard to come by. I am pretty confident though that qualifying has been proven to be just a number at the end, seeing no winners come from pole position. I am putting my faith in Canada for the event.

Make sure to tune in tomorrow at 6PM BST for the greatest spectacle at over 220MPH on iRacing Live, broadcasted by Racespot TV, presented by Heusinkveld Engineering.


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