Sim Racing Observer Announces Hall of Fame!

We here at the Sim Racing Observer have decided to announce today the creation of the Sim Racing Observer Hall of Fame. At current, we shall have the hall of fame open to iRacing at this time due to our lack of knowledge in other areas however if and when we get the personnel to competently cover those areas, we will consider expanding our hall of fame.

Simracing struggles at times to reward itself. All of the achievements that have been celebrated sometimes fail to get recognised, and we think that is wrong. Simracing needs to respect those who have shaped it’s past so that we can use that as a foundation to move forward. That is what we want to commemorate moving forward, the men and women who have been at the forefront, breaking down barriers and pushing us to continued success.

It is with this that the Sim Racing Observer has decided to create the Hall of Fame, to reward all of those who have got us to this point. For our inaugural inductions, we will be selecting three people to be added to the hall of fame which we will be announcing at some stage in August this year. Make sure you keep up to date with any updates on the hall of fame.

We here at the Sim Racing Observer want to see simracing flourish into an industry that can make millions watch in awe at sensational battles, shrewd strategy and sublime storylines. This is our future to work with, and we would all love to see simracing featured in a prominent role in esports. Its time to go make that happen, and it is time to honour those who have helped us get this far.


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