Porsche iRacing Cup from Bathurst: 2017 Racespot Primetime Review

Racespot TV Primetime is the way Racespot TV gives back to its audience by letting them pick the official series race that is to be broadcasted to the world every week. Anybody who is anybody has a chance of being featured inside of the top split heading towards the race and more often than not a good race is expected. As a new feature here on the Sim Racing Observer, I shall be going over what makes a good race and in the overall of very good races, I shall be trying to keep relatively up to date while ranking races based on variable factors such as the amount of action that is created for example. Ultimately I am only an opinion but I would like to see opinion challenged and make sure people understand what it is that we like to see from a race.

The Race

Mount Panorama typically produces some of the most beautiful races, especially with the Bathurst 1000 cropping up soon with the V8s Online crew. A decent SOF of 3593 greeted a lot of drivers hoping to impress in the future. Joshua Anderson would unsurprisingly as a native take pole position with a 2:07.881. Angelo Michel of Heusinkveld CORE Motorsports would line up second as Jeremy Ravon and Bruno Fontalba would create an all French second row.

The race start would be quiet given the massive spacing between grid slots heading into Hell’s Corner and onto the Mountain Straight. Instantly the gulf in class would become apparent though as Anderson and Michel would break away at the front, leaving Ravon to have a quiet and lonely race. The 21 car grid would have some good early battles but the big one would already happen on the second lap as then fourth place Bruno Fontalba would clip the inside wall at Griffin’s Mount before playing pinball and launching Morten Roska up and over into a roll containing four revolutions.

Marko Pagner would be the next to suffer issues with the mountain as lap three damage would send him in for a stop that would place him a lap down by the end of the twelve lap race. Bruno Aguirre would end his day early after contact with walls at Frog Hollow and Sulman Park before the damage became too much. Nick Masden would end his day spectacularly into Griffin’s Mount with a massive tank slapper before head on contact into the inside wall whilst Vitaly Kondrashov would have his moment off screen before retiring.

More tank slapper issues came for Joseph Burton-Harris on lap six as he would try and save his Porsche out of The Chase but would have to loop the car around. Andrew Brown would have to jam his brakes on and spin himself just to avoid the incident before almost collecting another vehicle by struggling to turn the vehicle back around. The big issue came for Angelo Michel on lap seven as an unknown fault with the vehicle caused head on collision at Forrest’s Elbow and a fancy roll to boot down the Conrod Straight, ending the German’s race prematurely. This would ultimately hand Joshua Anderson the victory as nobody would finish within 15 seconds of him.

The battle for the last spot on the podium involving Marc Matten, Yohann Harth and Michael Messing would be diced over until the final lap before a half attempt by Messing to make the move ended Yohann Harth’s race two corners from the end, with the Porsche ironically on it’s RUF.


I thought the race was entertaining to watch in the early stages with an incident every lap to other lap and with a lot of shuffling in the lower order, incidents were bound to happen on Aussie Hell. Michel’s issue while spectacular robbed the viewers of a battle until the end however we weren’t going without due to Harth’s upside-down adventure. I think that this was a good quality race for the caliber of drivers and that although the second half of the race started to fall a little flat, there were still reasons to be invested into the race.


3 Stars out of 5.

A solid race, nothing majorly dramatic for Bathurst standard and a decent level of Porsche racing was on display. Battles were fair however a few issues come to light with the Harth incident and the robbery of a battle for the win.


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