Why The Majors Will Be The Biggest iRacing League Series

They have not been on a Racespot TV broadcast until this year. They aren’t known by the wider community as being an elite level series but I strongly believe after the statement of intent that the Majors are set to become the biggest league in 2018 short of the iRacing World Championships.

In terms of scope, the Majors have been very lowbrow in what they have done over their last four years. Being simply known as the Pacific Majors or better known as PacMajors, their goal of bringing some great action to iRacing has been forthcoming in a world where there is a lot of leagues which creates a riptide of minor league series. However there has been a statement of intent. Moving from a Pacific region only league, they have opened racing up to the world, and have made a move that no other league in history has ever done.

For the first time ever, the Majors will have four different splits, and four different broadcast companies working for them being Racespot TV, LSRTV, GSRC and V8’s Online. Safe to say it won’t be cheap to pay for about $4’000 worth of casts but with that comes the allure. With Pacific, Atlantic, European and International splits, the Majors are looking to attract drivers from all around the globe and to become a featured mainstay of Sim racing as drivers race for the Mario Andretti Cup on December 1st.

Truly, I love what the Majors offer. Here you have a fourteen race championship with special events dotted around in the middle as well, the specialty of the championship is down to what the events are. The Majors run in conjunction with the 2018 season of action starting with a 2.4 hour classic race at Daytona visiting everything from NASCAR to Indycar, Formula One to LMP1, and you will find in between things like V8 Supercars and Dirt 360’s. The Incentives to race culminate on December 1st with the specific races such as the Iron Warrior, Extinction, Global Rally Cup, and the Champion’s finale for both Road and Oval. The series is challenging, diverse and tests all of a driver’s capability without discriminating on pace or rating.

I am expecting the Majors to be a pillar because the amount of challenge that is offered over a long season, I would be very happy with this renewed effort to place the Majors on the list of things I will be watching and I expect a lot of mass to be added by them to the Sim Racing Rankings. What I also see is an opportunity for larger teams to make a substantial effort about placing drivers in. For the International split, I would expect to see ERT and many others looking to make that push. I always like to see a Japanese presence but with only 300 members in Japan, I doubt we will see too much. Europe should be a hot bed because of the institutions Germany, France, UK&I, Finland and Spain all produce not forgetting all the other countries, I could easily see the need for two or three splits for the European section. Atlantic and Pacific will naturally sort themselves out too but I have high hopes for this series and I hope that people will sign up for an amazing challenge from them.

Signing up will be available all throughout the year but I think teams should seriously consider putting in either drivers to win or drivers to develop because asides from placing teams in lower splits, where is the motivation to develop newer talents so that they know what to expect from better races? Not only do you get more equal talent but you get an understanding of true championship racing along with the capability to have your name in lights for a good performance in any split. I expect leagues to be the main focus of iRacing in the next three years and the Majors offer a massive portal into that outlook along with other series like NEO and SCO along with the one and done tournaments like the e-Race and WFG. (WFG for now…) Ultimately, I think that a lot of up and coming teams such as Torsen, SRT, SRN, GAP, Nomad and many others will benefit massively from having a portal of exposure to get their drivers development time in many different vehicles and in endurance and sprint formats.

Majors will change the game. I seriously suggest for teams to sign up. I probably would have signed if I was a driver for a team.


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  1. I have been involved with The Majors as a series for three seasons now, and can attest to the level of competition throughout the field on any given race day. Also given to we run open setups, as well as simulate entire race lengths when and where possible, and you’ve got an amazing overall series.

  2. As a driver in The Majors since its first year, I’m really proud to see what it has become. Mike and the crew have done wonders for this series to get it into the eyes of the world. I made my first career start on Easter Sunday, 2014, almost half way through what was then a 12 race season. I’d only been part of iRacing for 2 months and was a C-License driver. That was a learning experience!

    Here I am 3 full seasons and one half season later with 40 straight starts, 46 starts in total, and 3 consecutive Iron Man Awards. I can safely say I wouldn’t be the racer I am today without this series. Welcome one and all to The Majors!

    Jared Morgan
    #96 Mini’s Art Commissions & Pinkxei Illustrations Team
    Pacific Region

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