iRankings: The Brand New System Of Excellence

The Sim Racing Observer announces today on December 31st a brand new system that will be another way to view who the best in the world is when it comes to the iRacing platform. We introduce the iRankings, the first external points based system which is designed to rank the meta of the road side of iRacing over a one year cycle.

iRacing has the iRating system which works very well in terms of pitting similar talents against each other however there are naturally some gaps with the way iRating is calculated. The iRankings will become a new method of accurately representing some of the best simracing talents in the world.

How It Works

Every driver in the world will start on zero points on a clean slate starting tomorrow, January 1st 2018. Every broadcasted series on Racespot TV, Apex Racing TV, the Global Sim Racing Channel, LSRTV and V8’s Online on the road side of racing will all hold a specific weight in terms of points for the iRankings.

After every week, on the Monday evening GMT, the Sim Racing Observer will release an updated list on the current state of the iRankings.

Points will be cumulative over the course of one year where after that time, iRanking points will refresh on a week by week basis, maintaining the most up to date system possible.

Points are able to have their weights adjusted based on many factors such as Prize Money, Prestige, Strength of Field and others.

The Teams iRankings will follow the same system however the community should help assist the Observer on who is in which team, especially lower down in the pecking order.


Why It Is Being Done

The Sim Racing Observer recognizes that many people want to see a definitive way to rank Sim Racing that is not based on opinion and conjecture. The community wants to see simracing ranked the same way most sports are ranked and in iRacing terms, I am very happy to oblige. Simracing has needed a portal like this for a very long time and I believe that a system should be in place to reward drivers for the efforts they keep putting in.

What Does It Mean For The Sim Racing Rankings?

We shall be going through a small name change when it comes to the Sim Racing Rankings which will turn into Sparey’s Eye. Sparey’s Eye will continue to be the analytical insight into just how good drivers and teams have been, starting off in January tomorrow with Sparey’s Eye for December 2017.

We here at the Sim Racing Observer think 2018 is going to be incredibly important and so we are going to be putting in the work needed to make sure simracing gets the representation it deserves.

We would like to wish you all a happy new year and hope you all find success in 2018!


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