iRacing Clocks 2 Billion Laps

Just before 3 AM GMT on Friday, 20th of July, the 2 billionth lap on the iRacing service was turned.

CoRe Simracing's Frederik Rasmussen on his qualifying lap

iRacing passed the milestone a month before another upcoming milestone, the simulator’s 10th anniversary in August.

In anticipation of this achievement, iRacing published on their member site that anyone who runs a lap on the same day the 2 billionth lap is turned will be entered into a draw to win $10,000 worth of iRacing credits, allowing the winner to buy 100% of the available content, with more than enough left over to pay for new additional content and subscription renewals for years to come.

Pretty amazing we are almost at 2 billion official laps on iRacing – that’s a lot of racing! To celebrate this milestone we are going to give one lucky member 10,000 credits. Anyone who turns an official lap on the day we roll over the 2 billion mark will be entered to win automatically. What would you do with 10,000 credits?

This is a change from when iRacing passed the billion lap mark in September 2014, when Pebst Augusta won $500 for being the driver to push iRacing into 10 digits.

While we expect iRacing to search their database to find the driver responsible for the 2 billionth lap, it is unlikely the same driver will win the $10,000 draw. What prize or recognition the 2 billionth lap holder will get, if any, is unknown as of the time of writing.


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