iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring Falls Behind Closed Doors: No iRanking Points

For the third time in fourteen months, an iRacing World Tour event has failed to see through the entirety of a broadcast, falling behind closed doors for the finish of the event last night. In light of the news breaking, the Sim Racing Observer has elected not to offer any iRanking points for the event in fairness to all of the drivers and teams involved.

There is a lot of confusion as to what the issue is that has plagued the Sebring event with some claiming the issue only affected those with lower end CPU’s while others claim the issue is a sound bug that causes the game to crash. In any event, we can determine that most of the issues with the event were on the client side, making a change from server issues.

This isn’t the first time iRacing have been forced to put a World Tour event behind closed doors. In January last year, the 24 hours of Daytona was hurt with server issues, forcing the race coverage to be called off after fifteen hours. The same issues happened again at the Le Mans 24 hours where famously drivers protested by stopping their vehicles on track after an hour’s worth of racing. This goes in hand with the 24 hours of Spa not being covered officially last year after clashes with the Blancpain GT Series. (Now named the VRS GT iRacing World Championship.)

No matter what the issues are, and I am not going to pretend that I have the solutions, the decision on iRacing’s part to run a World Tour event on a Week 13 build week with issues untested is suicidal at best. How can you guarantee that there aren’t going to be issues with the simulator, a lot of which that have been happening when more than forty vehicles are on track at the same time?

It is with this happening that the Sim Racing Observer does not want to reward the achievements of drivers who have been heavily affected with these issues and with the final three hours not being shown, we have been given no choice.

It is not fair for the drivers, the teams or the fans to watch an event suffer with issue after issue which affects the quality of the broadcast and the quality of the racing. As such, we would like the community to send their logs of the event to the iRacing staff to help diagnose the problem and to help work out a solution as quickly as possible.

iRacing have announced that the second time slot allocated races shall not be taking place on the iRacing Forum however what should be the course of action if I was in charge would be to locate and sort the issues before finding a free week to re-run the event. That way all drivers would get an opportunity to have a shot of winning the event fairly while rewarding the community for their patience.

However I wonder how much patience is left for the teams who pay £100 a year to get a subscription on top of paying for cars and tracks? The issues are not as prevalent in other simracing titles and the almost comical regularity of issues is coming back to hurt iRacing’s credibility to deliver. If iRacing wants to be viewed as a top esport platform, then these sorts of issues have to be cut out instantly. Many drivers who won’t have the time of day could very easily walk away from iRacing and some already have in the past. Without top drivers, your platform holds no validity. That is what I fear will happen to iRacing next.

I said after Daytona that you needed to look at the next few major events to see if issues would arise. iRacing need to sort everything out or this will be another disappointing year by their standards.

If your team has experienced these issues causing the SIM to crash, you will find a log in your Docs>>iRacing folder. Send it in to iRacing, and help provide the data needed to help them fix it.


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