The Sim Racing Observer is the home of the Sim Racing Rankings which categorize the top five drivers and teams inside of iRacing.

Started in October 2017 by Racespot TV commentators Jake Sparey and Connery Maddick, the Sim Racing Observer is designed to be an open platform celebrating the best of Sim Racing and the achievements over multiple formats including the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, the Blancpain GT Series, the iRacing World Tour Events, iRacing’s VLN, the NEO Endurance Series and so many more fantastic streamed races.

Everyone has banded together because they love racing and want to share their passion by partaking in the things they love and the Sim Racing Observer looks to reward those that showcase their ability at the highest level and also reward those who go out of their way to demonstrate attributes of fair play.

We are the Sim Racing Observer, and we view as many races as possible and ultimately, we will be proud to say that Sim Racing is the future of motor sport.