Sim Racing Observer Announces Hall of Fame!

We here at the Sim Racing Observer have decided to announce today the creation of the Sim Racing Observer Hall of Fame. At current, we shall have the hall of fame open to iRacing at this time due to our lack of knowledge in other areas however if and when we get the personnel to competently cover those areas, we will consider expanding our hall of fame.

Simracing struggles at times to reward itself. All of the achievements that have been celebrated sometimes fail to get recognised, and we think that is wrong. Simracing needs to respect those who have shaped it’s past so that we can use that as a foundation to move forward. That is what we want to commemorate moving forward, the men and women who have been at the forefront, breaking down barriers and pushing us to continued success.

It is with this that the Sim Racing Observer has decided to create the Hall of Fame, to reward all of those who have got us to this point. For our inaugural inductions, we will be selecting three people to be added to the hall of fame which we will be announcing at some stage in August this year. Make sure you keep up to date with any updates on the hall of fame.

We here at the Sim Racing Observer want to see simracing flourish into an industry that can make millions watch in awe at sensational battles, shrewd strategy and sublime storylines. This is our future to work with, and we would all love to see simracing featured in a prominent role in esports. Its time to go make that happen, and it is time to honour those who have helped us get this far.

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IWCGPS Chaos: Ostgaard to Coanda, Huis and Carroll MIA and Jensen Leaves Apex

The merry go round of simracing in the last week has taken a thoroughly dramatic turn as late moves before the start of the 2018 iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series ravage the headlines.

VRS Coanda Simsport have picked up Tommy Ostgaard from Positive Simracing while Apex Racing UK’s Marcus Jensen has signed with an undisclosed team for 2018. This also falls in line with Team Redline’s decision not to field Bono Huis and Graham Carroll.

Never in the history of simracing have I ever seen so many names move from place to place in one winter. Whether it may be FA Racing G2, JIM, CoRe, Coanda, Apex or any other team, this winter has been all about change for a lot of drivers. Continue reading “IWCGPS Chaos: Ostgaard to Coanda, Huis and Carroll MIA and Jensen Leaves Apex”

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iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring Falls Behind Closed Doors: No iRanking Points

For the third time in fourteen months, an iRacing World Tour event has failed to see through the entirety of a broadcast, falling behind closed doors for the finish of the event last night. In light of the news breaking, the Sim Racing Observer has elected not to offer any iRanking points for the event in fairness to all of the drivers and teams involved.

There is a lot of confusion as to what the issue is that has plagued the Sebring event with some claiming the issue only affected those with lower end CPU’s while others claim the issue is a sound bug that causes the game to crash. In any event, we can determine that most of the issues with the event were on the client side, making a change from server issues. Continue reading “iRacing 12 Hours of Sebring Falls Behind Closed Doors: No iRanking Points”

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iRankings 2018 Week 9: Feb 26 – Mar 4

VRS GT iRacing Series began its first round of ten, surprising a lot of people in the long run. Some major gainers but also respite for now for the world number ones. Will it be a matter of time? For now at least, the 9 week run continues. Continue reading “iRankings 2018 Week 9: Feb 26 – Mar 4”

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iRankings Update 1.06

Update 1.06

Added Apex E-Series by Kultec to the iRankings
Added Richmotech World Challenge to the iRankings
Simracing Deutschland has been added to the iRankings however due to inability to collect data, the Virtual VLN will be added at a later date.
Renamed the Blancpain GT Series to the Virtual Racing School GT iRacing World Championship.

Continue reading “iRankings Update 1.06”

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iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 5: The Community

Happy Friday everyone! The end of the work week is here and the end of week 13 is coming here shortly, and that means we have reached the final part of our series. And the last piece of the puzzle, that makes or breaks whether or not the sim can function as an esport is the community.

It is a touchy subject, and the community seems to be pretty split. You have a group that wants to see the scene grow, see the marketability of the sim grow to sponsors and potentially put on some big events. On the other there are individuals in the community who do not want this at all, and simply want the sim to remain a small niche. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 5: The Community”

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iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing

Welcome to Thursday everyone. Hope everyone has enjoyed the new content as much as I have. The new dirt tracks are interesting, cushion update a little controversial, the LMP1s are awesome, and the Sonoma GRC track greatly surprised me.

We have been talking about a lot of controversial subjects this week. Some have rustled some feathers, others not so much, but that is just fine as it is still an important discussion to have.

Today is going to be the marketing mega article. We have brushed on some things in some of the past articles, and done a slight overview, but today we are gonna dive in head first.

So the way I see marketing working within the realm of sim racing at the moment it can sort of be divided into 3 parties. iRacing, the teams, and the drivers.

Lets start with the obvious one: Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 4: Marketing”

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iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 3: The Traditional Mistakes

Hello everyone and happy hump day! By now just about everyone should have gotten a chance to drive the new content and I hope you guys are enjoying the build.

In the last couple articles we have talked heavily about accessibility and marketability. We are going to take a slight step back from that and look at a slightly more nuanced issue, but one that is very much a problem given the power of word of mouth, which we will talk about directly in the Thursday article. Quite simply, the topic is the traditional mistakes iRacing makes.

Picture of the pure racing team GTE car winning

I have been on the sim since April of 2012. Anyone who has been on the sim, and taken it particularly serious, knows that iRacing makes a lot of mistakes in regards to their service. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Writeup Part 3: The Traditional Mistakes”

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Profile: Why Joshua Rogers is Australia’s Next Star

One of the most enthralling, likable and watchable drivers in simracing today, it would shock you to think that Joshua Rogers is just eighteen years of age. His burst onto the international stage in mid 2017 only served to prove how strong of a driver Rogers was and will be, made all the more important by his latest success with TTL Esports in the VRS GT iRacing World Championship. (Formerly the Blancpain GT Series) Continue reading “Profile: Why Joshua Rogers is Australia’s Next Star”

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iRacing Week 13 Write Up Part 2: The Not so Fork in the Road

Hello and happy Tuesday! Or with this being part two should it be Twosday? In all honesty it likely does not matter because all most people are thinking about is the slew of new content that has been released on iRacing this morning. And to be honest, same fam.

In part 1 we explored iRacing pricing model and the difficulties it faces from an economics perspective, and its unique position between traditional racing and that new fangled esports all the kids are watching these days, and the disconnect between those 2 entities.

Here in part 2 I want to analyze that position a little more.

The left lane: Real Racing

Picture of F1 reserve driver lando norris
Mclaren F1 reserve driver Lando Norris has been known to race on the iRacing service

Its no secret that from the start iRacing was intended for two primary markets: as a training tool for real drivers and for the hardcore sim racer. And over the course of the past 10 or so years iRacing has done a good job in that position with those markets. Continue reading “iRacing Week 13 Write Up Part 2: The Not so Fork in the Road”

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