iRankings 2018 Week 6: Feb 5 – Feb 11

iRacing had a massive week with both the NEO Endurance Series and also the 12 Hours of Bathurst taking center stage. Many of the drivers at the top slipped up however, and for the first time this year, the World Number One spot looks under considerable threat! Continue reading “iRankings 2018 Week 6: Feb 5 – Feb 11”

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We Are At Gunpoint With F1: Renault Are The First Bullet In The Chamber!

Help us. The year is 2018 and the first signs of warfare are being signaled. This isn’t about my platform is better than yours. This isn’t about scaremongering. This is the truth playing out in front of your very eyes, and let me be the first person to say, I am very scared for the future.

Renault F1 team logo

It doesn’t matter what platform you currently race on, it may be Project Cars 2, rFactor2, Raceroom, iRacing, Assetto Corsa, the whole lot, F1 are going in big with esports and the major concern is how they want to steamroll the industry. Continue reading “We Are At Gunpoint With F1: Renault Are The First Bullet In The Chamber!”

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iRankings Update 1.04

Update 1.04

Readjusted Ava’s Race Against Cancer due to multiclass and nature of event.
Increased BSRTC Pro Series points to compensate for 3 race format instead of a 4 race format
Increased OSC points due to SOF
Added Absolute Beginners Indycar League to the iRankings

Future Updates

Adding Simracing Deutschland to the iRankings starting March 1st. The timing is due to the time it takes to add a new broadcaster to the iRankings.
Continue reading “iRankings Update 1.04”

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Fnatic Sign Ex-Mercedes Boss Nick Fry and How This Could Affect Simracing

Legendary esports team Fnatic made the surprise announcement yesterday of bringing former Mercedes F1 boss Nick Fry into their team as their brand new commercial and strategic adviser heading into 2018. The move went to solidify the position that esports has in the world and what could happen in the future, and I speculate that this could be the easiest step to bring Fnatic into a simracing position.

By no means would they the first company to do so as FA Racing G2 pioneered the move followed swiftly with the F1 2017 team of Veloce Esports who burst into the market signing the likes of James “Limitless” Doherty however in terms of mainstream push, Fnatic keep proving why they are one of the top esport teams in the world. Continue reading “Fnatic Sign Ex-Mercedes Boss Nick Fry and How This Could Affect Simracing”

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iRankings 2018 Week 4: Jan 22 – Jan 28

The Fourth week of action saw many a name look to finishing seasons with both SCO and the F1 Road to Pro concluding, Next week starts up the push in the Majors and over 4 broadcasts, 3200 points are guaranteed just for wins. Continue reading “iRankings 2018 Week 4: Jan 22 – Jan 28”

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