NASCAR Teams Toss Their Hat Into the Esports Ring

As we come off one of the most successful weekends for Esports and competitive gaming, with the E-League Boston CSGO Major drawing in an audience of 1.3 Million concurrent viewers and a huge upset of Cloud 9 beating out Faze to become the first North American team to win a Major, the Americans have decided that they aren’t done yet, and as such the Oval Racing sim racing community is in a buzz.

Image – Intel Free Press

In an article released today on Adam Stern (Which can be read here) we get the first announcement of a new iRacing series that is being pushed by the Race Team Alliance. Continue reading “NASCAR Teams Toss Their Hat Into the Esports Ring”

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iRankings 2018 Week 3: Jan 15 – Jan 21

Week 3 and with a lot on in the iRacing sphere this week, Daytona 24, both WCS qualification races and a whole host of others, the “usual suspects” are up there along with those who have surprised this week to get into the top ten.

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iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona: A Melting Pot of Game Changers

The iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona had to step up after the calamities of 2017 where the race was deemed impossible to broadcast and as such had to fall into the murky abyss, never to be discussed until the iRacing hate train hurtles into the station once again. This race would prove whether there would be a year of rebuilding, a year of regret and the tipping scale of whether iRacing would be able to manage a move onto the mainstream stage. Never had I seen more hype for a race than this one and for the outcomes, nobody quite knows how to view everything moving forward.

Teams gridding up behind the safety car for the start
Teams grid up behind the safety car for the start

The ingredients were all there as successful teams both from past and present lined up to make the challenge and with three challenges on the line Continue reading “iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona: A Melting Pot of Game Changers”

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iRacing AI: Why I’m Slightly Sad

It was announced a couple of days ago in a post on the iRacing forums that iRacing were in the middle of developing a brand new AI system, the first time iRacing have been looking into that market. For the longest time, iRacing went without a built in AI system and I always thought that was one of the charms when it came to iRacing. I feel now though that the charm has been lost, and I am slightly sad at the announcement.

Don’t get me wrong, I think adding AI is a good move and a must make move for iRacing in order to grab in the traffic of those who don’t want to put up iRating and Safety Rating but cannot find a suitable league to make anything happen. It makes sure that those who can’t make races due to a time zone difficulty more likely to find reason to play and it also gets a lot of casual players familiar with the general mechanics without having the pitfall of driving around in rookie, which is lethal at the best of times.

Continue reading “iRacing AI: Why I’m Slightly Sad”

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Why is There Such a Push to Try and Claim Simracing as an Esport?

There is no doubting that esports are big business. The money at the top has been huge, the sponsors and lifestyle has been eye opening and for the next generation, here you have the biggest sporting stars who are cruelly under-reported. However the question posed as the title came from a well respected person of the simracing community in the form of Empty Box. His tweet got me thinking, and in response, I will answer.

Picture of the final of the 2017 league of legends final in china
The 2017 League of Legends World Championship final garnered a huge crowd in Bejing’s Bird’s Nest stadium.

In terms of commercial output and numbers of players, Empty Box is absolutely correct. I do not see a substantial way that anybody can dispute that in the next five years due to the massive console war of Xbox versus Playstation and the need for each platform to have a racing icon to back money behind. Gran Turismo is probably the reason why Japan’s simracing scene struggles to venture into the niche simulators like rFactor and iRacing due to just how important the game is over there.

Continue reading “Why is There Such a Push to Try and Claim Simracing as an Esport?”

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How iRacing’s new NASCAR qualifying Could Spell Disaster For IWCGPS

iRacing have always been looking at ways to improve their biggest series and some of the big issues have always surrounded qualifying. Major debate on how many people should get in, what parameters should surround it and in-championship squabbles have always been a thing, however iRacing is not one to give favouritism over one series or another. So when the NASCAR Peak Antifreeze Series document dropped this week, I took some time to decipher it and found a lot of trouble for the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series moving forward.

To save you readers a lot of time, I am going to briefly summarise the NPAS document in full:

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Iberica Racing Team Lose 10 Men

Arguably one of, if not the biggest sim racing team in Spain today has just seen ten of its members walk away this morning. The news broke on twitter as star after star announced their leave including the likes of Nestor Garcia Jr., Aday Coba, Pablo “Go Pro” Lopez and many others. I have seen a lot go on in my time of Sim Racing and not much has gone on to top this announcement.

Picture of an Iberica racing car
Twitter – @IbericaRacing

Iberica for the longest time have been a cornerstone of sim racing. Their most famous period came in an era before mine during the early to mid 2010’s and saw a lot of drivers rise to a high level of stardom. Slowly though over the last two years, their influence had been on the decline as they moved away from the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series into what had been at the time an up and down struggle to remain inside of the Blancpain Endurance Championship. Continue reading “Iberica Racing Team Lose 10 Men”

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