WCS Loses Live Stewarding And Loads Are Loathing It!


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Every major series should have a stewarding panel at the event shouldn’t they? I mean the FIA has Charlie Whiting at the F1 to oversee proceedings and everyone wants to see racing that is as authentic as every other race series. Live stewarding is an essential for motor sports as moments can be won or lost on the slightest errors between drivers and stewards act as the judgment to innocent and guilty parties, and Sim Racing should be no different. Continue reading “WCS Loses Live Stewarding And Loads Are Loathing It!”

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Alonso Signs Onto G2: Good For All Parties

Fernando Alonso is not the first real world racing driver to enter the ethereal realm of Sim Racing, and Fernando Alonso won’t be the last racing driver to get into Sim Racing either but in terms of celebrity status, Fernando Alonso has officially moved the Sim Racing needle in terms of relevancy in the world of Sim Racing.

While a lot of people will be expecting me to go on a two thousand word tirade on why I think Alonso would kill off Esports and would be detriment to everyone. I think this is a positive step in the right direction and one which will help everyone to get better in the long term. Continue reading “Alonso Signs Onto G2: Good For All Parties”

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van Buren Wins WFG but WFG Was a Let Down

Rudy van Buren has become the first driver to win World’s Fastest Gamer, and to many that would come as a surprise seeing the rFactor driver take victory and secure a one year contract. But to me, I actually don’t think that at all. If you want me to truly be real about the situation, people who call it rFactor vs iRacing between van Buren and Schothorst would be very naive.

Sim Racing in the WFG competition was about more than just being the fastest. Reaction times, core strength, adaptability Continue reading “van Buren Wins WFG but WFG Was a Let Down”

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iRacing Road Pro Series Interlagos 2017: Ranked Races

Drivers gridded up for the race start
Drivers gridded up for the race start.

The proverbial road to become an iRacing professional has for another year, begun. The lucky plight of drivers who think that they are the best to the lucky who want to fire their way to stardom. The lucky few want to become the next Martin Krönke, the next Greger Huttu. And so without an Albert Park, Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace would create the chaotic start to the season that is almost customary now in iRacing circles. All aboard because the hype train begins, and there will be 10 races to cover during the season. Continue reading “iRacing Road Pro Series Interlagos 2017: Ranked Races”

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Sim Racing Rankings: October 2017

It was 359 days ago that the first ever Sim Racing Rankings was created, celebrating the best of talent in 2016 for a month’s worth of action. It saw me crown Ray Alfalla and VRS Coanda Simsport champions, back in a time where I naively thought I could cover NASCAR on iRacing. But a year on from that moment, a lot has changed. Many drivers have moved, teams have come in and out of existence and now the best of the best get onto this list, looking to prove themselves day after day. In this month, the finale of the World’s Fastest Gamer qualifiers, the finale of the iRacing World Championship Grand Prix Series, the finale of the iRacing VLN series as well as the beginnings of SCO and NEO. iRacing in abundance has had a lot of great action moving in. Continue reading “Sim Racing Rankings: October 2017”

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