iRacing VLN Round 9 2017: Ranked Races

VLN has been wacky all year. You talk about Pure and MSP hitting sixes and sevens out of each other, Wallmeier crashing with two laps to go and dragging a wounded vehicle home, you talk about Aldo Massa with fifteen minutes left throwing the Porsche category and the birth of #VendavalMoment when Robin Esterson disconnected with just four corners to go. VLN has consistently pushed the boundaries of what makes a sim racing event unmissable and it is very safe to say, that another barnstormer was created. Continue reading “iRacing VLN Round 9 2017: Ranked Races”

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Porsche iRacing Cup from Bathurst: 2017 Racespot Primetime Review

Racespot TV Primetime is the way Racespot TV gives back to its audience by letting them pick the official series race that is to be broadcasted to the world every week. Anybody who is anybody has a chance of being featured inside of the top split heading towards the race and more often than not a good race is expected. As a new feature here on the Sim Racing Observer, I shall be going over what makes a good race and in the overall of very good races, I shall be trying to keep relatively up to date while ranking races based on variable factors such as the amount of action that is created for example. Ultimately I am only an opinion but I would like to see opinion challenged and make sure people understand what it is that we like to see from a race. Continue reading “Porsche iRacing Cup from Bathurst: 2017 Racespot Primetime Review”

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A New Era

Today on October 13th marks the start of a branding change as I move my content from Blogspot to WordPress and slightly change my branding from Sparey’s Sim Racing blogs to the Sim Racing Observer.

I hope you will enjoy the content that will be created here which will include the Sim Racing Rankings which will document the top iRacers of the month along with my many opinion pieces that will still divide opinion and remain controversial.

Have fun with the new home of rankings, the Sim Racing Observer.

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